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About us

Our Objectives:

To give all of our young cricketer players from the age of 5 years old the ambit opportunity to develop their physical, mental and social skills with the game off cricket without the fear of failure.

To give each boy/girl a fair opportunity with bat, ball, fielding, etc, including team effort.

To develop a rotation system which are simple, fair, achievable, effective and efficient. 

For coaches and team managers to mentor, coach and teach youngsters during game time and guide them to make the correct decisions in certain match situations.

To give constructive feedback to players after the game regarding their performances.

Give players the confidence to play cricket with freedom within the boundries of the Spirit of the Game in order to assess and give growth opportunity.

To create an healthy environment where parents can support the children under a controled environment, without putting to much mental pressure on the child(ren) . 

All matches will be played according to match scenarios during competitive cricket matches and children learn from early stages to compete in actual fully fledge games.

The Moot Cricket Club cater for the following age groups: U/9 & U/11 & U/13 & U/15 and have Platinum teams in all age groups. This on each selve is a huge achievement. 

Our club's aims:

To find a good solid and balance between developing skill, techniques and playing to enjoy, develop and then to win!! Very important!

The club benefits from the league by controling the Club league structure.

Coaches up to under 11 teams coaches on the field which is very effective. 

Parents have the opportunity to plan their weekend activities before hand.

Players will be exposed to different conditions and formats such as games with 24 to 40 overs.

Operations and programs:
Northerns Cricket Operations is the custodian of all cricket programs in Tshwane. Our aim is to develop high quality, sustainable programs which will allow opportunities for everyone to enter, develop and grow to the best of his/her potential, in all spheres of the game. We are 17 dedicated staff members, along with several sub-committees, who aim to provide service excellence to all.


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Upcoming Events

See fixtures on the forms page for upcoming games.


Moot Cricket Seniors

Started in the 2008/2009 season, grown from strength to strength over the last 10 years. 

Competing with our first team in the Northern Cricket Union's Promotion league. Then our  2nd team in the President's league the 3rd and 4th team in the 4th league.

Our aim is to reach the Premier league and be able to sustain ourselves in the league.

Basicly if you have the love for the game and would like to compete at the level you feel comfortable or have the ambition for we have the senior team for you.


Registration for o.11, o.13 and o.15 is closed for the season.  MCC had an influx of players and can not accommodate any more players for these age groups this season.  However, complete the registration form located under forms on the website, without making payment, and the player will be added to our waiting list.